Wednesday, 6 May 2009

7 days old - his siblings




7 days old - Junior

The Quads are 7 days old today! Here's the J boy who already has his eyes open while all his siblings are still tightly closed!
Spotty belly!


One man and his kitten......

I has an owner

These are some pics I took of Silver, who is now Boomer and already has a new family!! Boomer will be going to live with Alan, Vicki, Harry and Georgia!

More from the first week

Guess who is staying with us?? The very gorgeous, utterly handsome J boy Junior!!!

The kittens at a few days old





New family!

The next day

6 hours old! The next morning before I left for work... drier and fluffier!


Congratulations to our Gabby girl who is finally a Mama after a year of waiting! On April 29th/30th Gabby gave birth to
Junior silver tabby *boy* born 11:26pm April 29th
Velcro silver/white *girl* born 11:28 pm April 29th
Nellie silver/white *girl* born 12:00 midnight April 30th Mewing LOUDLY on arrival!
then just as we'd cleaned up and were going to go to bed
Boomer plain silver *boy/girl* born 00:29 am April 30th (I still have no clue if this is a boy or girl!! It seems to look like both each time I check!)

Snuggling her first 3

Baby #3 Nellie, just born

Firstborn, Junior!

Junior just born.

Junior and Velcro, having a rest before Nellie arrives!